Craven Dunnill has a long and esteemed history in ceramic tiles. It started manufacturing wall and floor tiles in 1872, and since it’s formation, the company has continually invested in new approaches to production by embracing new technology. This was fundamental in the decision to develop its own purpose-built tile factory at Jackfield in Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire, UK back in 1872. At the time, Jackfield was the global centre of the tile industry, and now forms part of the World Heritage Site at the heart of Britain’s Industrial Revolution.

From its manufacturing roots, the Craven Dunnill Group has evolved and grown over the years, now with operating businesses in the retail and distribution of fine ceramic tiles, the supply of tiles for the commercial project sector, and specialist tile production. Among its premises, Craven Dunnill still operates the oldest surviving purpose-built tile factory in the World.

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