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Paint, Stains & Varnish

We have the best quality emulsion paints for all interior wall and ceiling applications including flat matt and sheen finishes for normal surfaces, and washable and even scrubbable versions for areas subject to condensation and cleaning requirements. 

These products all come in a huge range of colours and a colour matching scanning facility is available too enabling us to match to tiles and fabrics etc.

Choose from a range of oil based or water based trim products also available in all colours.

Exterior products well catered for too. Oil and water bases paints with high flexibility give years of lasting protection on all wooden surfaces.

Even masonry paint can be tinted to any shade with the option of smooth or textured finishes to choose from.

With modern advances in paint technology products such as Bedec Multi Surface paint will adhere to any substrate from galvanised steel to plastic and tiles without the need for priming!

Our Farrow and Ball offering give earthy,rich colours in a traditionally made paint with low odour non solvent formulations.

We have a fantastic array of woodcare products for all internal and external projects from oiling a kitchen table to staining windows, doors and conservatories etc, not forgetting fences and decking and the option of adding colour to garden objects such as planters and benches.


Farrow & Ball


Crown Paints


Stains & Varnish


Colour Matching

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