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Wall Coverings 

Our choice of wallcoverings is extensive. Using three of the best UK wholesalers, Dixons, Coleman Bros and Galerie there are offerings from many UK manufacturers and high quality vinyls from top European makes as well. The heavy quality vinyl papers from Italy in particular are beautiful, are capable of covering most underlying surface imperfections completely and are very easy to match due to their thick texture.

In addition to this there are huge choices of floral, kitchen, children"s and teenagers papers too.

At the high end of the market there are beautiful traditional designs from the likes of Sanderson and William Morris in addition to hand made wallpapers by Farrow And Ball.

In total there are approximately 350 pattern books

to choose the designs from!

Some select wallpapers are kept in stock,together with a complete range of lining papers and Super Fresco paintable whites.

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Striped Wallpaper
Minimal Wallart
Pink & Black Circles
Rolls of Wallpaper
Pretty Fabric
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